Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ireland! Ireland! Ireland!

So, I visited Ireland this weekend with my friend Kalee.
And it was definitely one of the best weekends I've had here!

We arrived around midnight on Friday... or I guess you can say Saturday! We took a bus from the airport to our hostel. I was a little worried about what going to a hostel would be like, since I've only ever been to hotels, but luckily ours was clean, easy to find, and the staff was very nice! We went out after we arrived and found our way to a late-night rock bar! Where I drank my first beer, a Fosters, and my first Irish cider called Bulmers. Both were very delicious. We went back to the hostel afterwards and headed to bed.

Saturday we explored Dublin and did some shopping! Our hostel was very close to the city centre, where there is literally everything you could want. Shops, restaurants, bars, you name it. At night, we went out to a pub where we both ordered the Traditional Lamb Stew. I had never ate lamb before, but that stew was sooooo delicious! It definitely hit the spot. We then traveled to Temple Bar, a street (and also a pub) that is very famous in Dublin for all the pubs on it, as well as the abundance of street performers on there. It was an energetic and fun place to visit on a Saturday night! We even met a couple of cute Irish boys at our hostel who we talked with for a while! ;) Later that night we met a middle-aged Irishman who was really into American politics and had a discussion with him about the outcome of the election and such. It was a really fun night and Dublin is definitely a city that comes alive at night!

Sunday we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, and Trinity College. St. Patrick's was nice and it had some cool statues and artifacts, but it was small and didn't have as much to look at like St. Paul's in London. Dublin Castle turned out to not really be a castle... or at least not like Buckingham and Windsor so that was a little disappointing. Trinity College was a treat though, because we visited the exhibition on The Book of Kells in their Old Library. We also got to go into the part of the library where they house the oldest manuscripts and books they own, so that was neat!

Monday was definitely my favorite day. We visited the Guinness Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery! Both of them are definite must-see's if you ever visit Dublin, even if you don't really drink. It was awesome to see how both Guinness and Jameson whiskey is created and all the backstory behind both of these legendary drinks. Both exhibits were very well-done and were a lot of fun to visit! And, of course, if you happen to like Guinness and Jameson, you get a free drink at the end of the tours!

I absolutely loved visiting Dublin. The people were so funny and animated, the drinks were great ;), the city was fun and easy to walk around, and it was such a great experience. I definitely have to go back to Ireland and visit the countryside someday!

Sadly, I have no more big trips planned while I'm here. I still have lots of places to visit in London though, so I'm going to definitely enjoy my last five weeks here!

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