Sunday, October 14, 2012

encounters with awesome people.

Today I met my favorite Youtube vlogger, Charlie McDonnell also called charlieissocoollike.

My friend Kalee and I met up around 11 to head into London, when we found out that the trains running from Surbiton station were shut down. So instead we had to take a bus to Clapham Junction and get a train from there to Waterloo. Then we had to navigate the Tube to get to the Youtube gathering. The process of getting there took longer than expected, so we arrived late to the event and were in the back of a very, very long line. And we had to stay in that line for 4 hours before I was able to meet Charlie, his lovely girlfriend and fellow vlogger Bryaryl Bishop and another of my favorite vloggers, Michael Aranda.

After meeting them, I couldn't wipe this crazy grin off my face despite the fact that I was cold, stiff, and very hungry.

I had put "Meet Charlie McDonnell" on my list of things I wanted to do while I was in England. Honestly, I thought that would be one of the things I would never get to do. It feels unbelievable that I can! :)

Here's one of Charlie's videos if you're curious why I would spend four hours in the cold to meet this British vlogger.

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