Monday, October 29, 2012

Hallo aus Deutschland!

England gives their students a week off from school, called Enrichment Week so I decided to spend my week in Germany!

So, last night, I flew from London to Berlin to spend eight days with my great friend Kuebra! She was an exchange student my senior year of high school and one of my closest friends. We haven't seen each other since then, so when I came to London I made sure to find time to visit her.

She lives in Berlin, so today we wandered through different parts of the city. We visited her father's clothing store, ate an assorted kebab plate at Orient Eck, rode the Underground a lot, ate at Wonder Waffel, went shopping, and relaxed with her friends at the restaurant she works at.

So far, the best thing about Germany is the food. Holy crap, it is soooo much better than British food. I can't really explain why but I might gain 10 pounds this week. Also, it actually feels like fall here. Back in the UK, it's always rainy and cold but in Germany I get to actually see the trees changing colors and the sun is shining!

I'm really looking forward to rest of my stay here. Maybe I'll even get to go on the autobahn! ;)

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