Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stonehenge and Bath.

Yesterday, I visited this beautiful historical landmark. 

With the GORGEOUS weather we had yesterday, I was slightly in awe of Stonehenge. I know some people find it to be just a bunch of rocks, but this is the most important pre-historic monument in Britain. It's older than the Pyramids in Egypt. It's still a mystery how the ancient peoples even got the stones to the site. There have been modern attempts to do so and they all failed. If that's not remarkable, then I don't know what is. 

After the short visit we traveled to Bath, which is my second favorite city I've been to yet. After London, of course. Bath was literally stunning. All of the buildings in the city are made of the same kind of limestone, so when you enter it you see the remarkable view of these offwhite buildings glistening in the sunlight. Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of that, but here's an example of the buildings around the city. 

When we arrived, we had an hour for lunch. We went to a cafe where I ordered a pie that had potatoes, onions, peas and cheese. It was sooo yummy. After lunch we did a walking tour of Bath. We saw the most important locations in just over an hour, so we were moving around! Then we did a tour of the ancient Roman Baths.

We were able to move through the museum at our own pace. I enjoyed listening to the audio guide that was provided and seeing the remains of the once great temple and bath built by the ancient Romans. I could definitely see how grand and beautiful it once was and I really enjoyed the tour. 

Then, we had to stop and buy some real Italian ice cream to end the day :)

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