Sunday, September 23, 2012

a night out, greenwich, and more!

Friday night was a night out on the town! We got dressed up and headed out to The King's Tun for an evening of dancing! It was a lot of fun to just let loose and experience the nightlife of Kingston! We all made it safely home too, which is always a good thing! :)

Saturday we went to Greenwich! Greenwich is a city located down the Thames from London. King Henry VIII held his court for twenty years there during his reign and his daughters were born there! (I love Henry and his daughter Elizabeth, so this was so cool to me.) Unfortunately, the palace of Greenwich was destroyed during the Civil War so I wasn't able to see where Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, and their contemporaries lived. But I was able to visit The Queen's House, which was built for James I wife. Now, it's an naval art museum. We also visited the Greenwich Market, which was really, really cool. It had a lot of different retail and food vendors set up, and it was bustling with people. We ate lunch at a local burger joint, which had the BEST burgers so far. It was almost like being home! We also got free cake and tea from Kingston, which we enjoyed while sitting underneath a statue near the Maritime Museum. I actually liked the tea too, which was surprising!

One of my favorite parts of the trip though was the boat ride down the Thames to Greenwich, because one of the crew members gave some historical commentary and pointed out important buildings and landmarks. It was really awesome to see The Globe Theatre, The Tower of London and rest of the city from the river. While going down the river, it was almost like seeing an abandoned city. You couldn't hear or see the city life which was really quite strange.

And today, it rained. A lot.
I had signed up for Photo Frenzy, a photo scavenger hunt in Central London for this afternoon. It would have been a lot more fun if the weather had been nicer, but we got to eat at Planet Hollywood afterwards and the food was really good! And then we made a trip to Primark, because I was in desperate need of rain boots...

Classes start tomorrow! But luckily I don't have Monday classes... so I get to sleep in! :)

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