Wednesday, September 12, 2012

feeling like a tourist.

Today we (as in the girls that came from Central with me) walked around Kingston!
Cat and I live just down the road from each other, so we rode the bus to Kingston University. We had to wait for the others to join us, so we walked around the campus building a bit. We found a lovely student diner that had cheap meals, so I'm sure I'll eat lunch there a lot! You can even buy a BAKED POTATO. Yea, like a really big potato and buy toppings to put on it. Super awesome.

After everyone arrived we started walking around Kingston. We all bought phones, visited Primark (which is like, the best store I've ever been to. It's going to be really hard to not spend all my money there!), tried to buy our Oyster cards but failed miserably, so instead we went to The King's Tun Pub and enjoyed a nice drink!

Then, we had to start heading home. So I got on a bus and thought everything was going to end out okay.
WELL, I got off at the wrong bus stop. Silly me. So I walked down the road, THINKING I knew where I was going but I was so wrong. So I stopped at a place to buy my Oyster card, which is a card that you use when you use public transportation so you don't have to pay every time you get on a bus, I got some Chinese for dinner, and I bought some groceries. Then I got hopelessly lost and confused, carrying around my hot dinner and three heavy bags of groceries. Yea, not my happiest or best moment.
So, I just get on a bus and hope for the best. Thankfully, this nice old man helped me, probably because I looked like a lost fool, but he told me what I had to do and I eventually found my way home!

Tomorrow, orientation!
Yay? :)

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